February 20, 2019

Some "Sound" Advice for Acoustic Leak Detection

Utility Services Associates very own Rob Meston giving some "sound" advice when it comes to acoustic leak detection. Great article in Technology Perspectives on the different leak sounds accompanied by different access points and what contact points are best for acoustic leak detection.  

May 09, 2018

Water Main Break Clock

Each day, 850 water main breaks occur in North America. Since January 2000, we have suffered:

5,697,804 broken water mains (including 289 so far today)

March 19, 2018

Unaccounted for Water and the Value of Leak Detection

One of the most important tasks is fixing leaks that can disrupt or reduce the pressure of water reaching your home or business. Sometimes these leaks are small like a running toilet or pinhole leak in a water line and won’t disrupt the supply. Others are large and can often lead to large sinkholes, significant water losses, and the disruption of service. These large leaks often surface quickly or are identified by service disruption and are fixed quickly. While small leaks might not seem important, over time they grow to be large leaks and cause significant damage if not fixed. 

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Utility Services Associates’ professional staff works closely with other industry professionals and manufacturers, creating new technology and developing new procedures and methods, to better serve the water industry.


Non revenue water (NRW) is water that has been produced and is “lost” before it reaches the customer. Losses can be real losses (through leaks, sometimes also referred to as physical losses) or apparent losses (for example through theft or metering inaccuracies). High levels of NRW are detrimental to the financial viability of water utilities, as well to the quality of water itself.


The International Water Association (IWA) has developed a detailed methodology to assess the various components of NRW. Accordingly NRW has the following components:

  • Unbilled authorized consumption

  • Apparent losses (water theft and metering inaccuracies)

  • Real losses (from transmission mains, storage facilities, distribution mains or service connections)


Our primary service is to provide Water System Leak Detection using state of the art acoustical listening devices and digital correlation technology. We are equipped for worldwide mobilization. We provide our services to all types and sizes of water systems, on a preventative (pro-active) or emergency basis (crisis recovery). In addition to our leak detection services, we partner with several other water asset management companies to provide water audits and tank inspection and cleaning.


We also offer a line of the best in class equipment from numerous leak detection equipment manufactures. This along with other technologies allow us to provide the best equipment, services and procedures to meet our client's special needs.

Upcoming Shows

May 01, 2019

Vancouver, WA

PNWS AWWA Sectional Conference

Don’t miss the largest conference for water professionals in the Pacific Northwest! We are located at booth 127. 

Jun 09, 2019

Denver, CO

American Water Works Association ACE2019

Innovating the Future of Water. Come check us out and let's have a conversation on how to reduce NRW.  



Dec 03, 2019

Nashville, TN

NAWL Conference

The North American Water Loss Conference & Exposition will take place December 3-5, 2019, in Nashville, TN and will offer attendees more than 100 expert speakers covering approaches to reduce non-revenue water, regulatory developments as well as a platform to share processes, methods, and techniques from your peers. We are located at booth 306.

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