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About Us 

Utility Services Associates was founded on the principle of providing proven, advanced and innovative leak detection services to our clients. We have worked hard to maintain our integrity and reputation for over 30 years in water conservation. We are proud of our ability to provide the services, training and equipment necessary for our municipal, military and commercial clients to meet conservation mandates, provide quality water distribution to their customers and reduce the expense of costly leaks.


Our team possesses the knowledge, training and superior experience to set Utility Services Associates above the competition. While coming from a variety of backgrounds, they have excelled in their craft making them instrumental in setting and maintaining industry standards. Our staff is uniquely qualified to handle any leak detection project.



Utility Services Associates is proud to be affiliated with the following industry organizations.

  • American Water Works Association

  • National Rural Water Association

  • Several local and regional water associations


Provide the most comprehensive water efficiency and asset management services to our clients. This is achieved by employing highly trained people, utilizing state of the art equipment, while continuing to set the industry standards as they relate to procedures, methods and customer service. This accomplished, our clients can be assured they have received the most cost effective service to reduce water losses, while conserving one of the world’s most precious resources.

For more information on how Utility Services Associates can serve you, please contact us.

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