February 20, 2019

Some "Sound" Advice for Acoustic Leak Detection

Utility Services Associates very own Rob Meston giving some "sound" advice when it comes to acoustic leak detection. Great article in Technology Perspectives on the different leak sounds accompanied by different access points and what contact points are best for acoustic leak detection.  

May 09, 2018

Water Main Break Clock

Each day, 850 water main breaks occur in North America. Since January 2000, we have suffered:

5,697,804 broken water mains (including 289 so far today)

March 19, 2018

Unaccounted for Water and the Value of Leak Detection

One of the most important tasks is fixing leaks that can disrupt or reduce the pressure of water reaching your home or business. Sometimes these leaks are small like a running toilet or pinhole leak in a water line and won’t disrupt the supply. Others are large and can often lead to large sinkholes, significant water losses, and the disruption of service. These large leaks often surface quickly or are identified by service disruption and are fixed quickly. While small leaks might not seem important, over time they grow to be large leaks and cause significant damage if not fixed. 

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Meet Our Team

USA was founded on the principle of providing proven, innovated services to our clients. We have worked hard to maintain our integrity and reputation over 25 years in water conservation. We are proud of our ability to provide the services, training and equipment necessary for our clients to meet conservation mandates and provide quality water distribution to their customers.


Our team possesses the knowledge, training and superior experience to set them above the competition. While coming from a variety of backgrounds, they have excelled in their craft making them instrumental in setting and maintaining industry standards. Our staff is uniquely qualified to handle any leak detection job.

Business Development Manager 

Jeff Benjamin has been in the water conservation field for 9 years, starting in 2008 for Utility Services Associates, LLC, a consulting company specializing in leak detection field services throughout the United States. Jeff started as a Field Technician and was promoted to Water Loss Consultant and Senior Water Loss Consultant before accepting the position of Business Development Manager in 2015. Jeff started his career in the Navy, having served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam. Upon an honorable discharge Jeff managed and operated several small businesses in the construction, marketing, sales and utility trades. In his spare time Jeff likes to play golf, follow NASCAR and MLS Soccer, and ride his motorcycle with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club. He has been married 41 years and has 5 grandchildren. Jeff is a member of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee.


It is estimated that 2.1 trillion gallons of treated drinking water is lost due to the crumbling infrastructure each year in the United States. Cory has worked in the water industry for 10+ years. With each year gaining new experience and knowledge in the best ways to lower non-revenue water across the country and parts of the world. Non-revenue water is the treated water that is lost between the production and the consumer.

Cory takes pride and always strives to bring 100% to each leak detection project Utility Services Associates completes. His goal as President starts with executing our company’s vision, becoming the premier provider for water system leak detection in the industry. This starts with being responsible for the day to day operations of Utility Services Associates. Cory is a certified water operator and holds Water Distribution 2A and Water Treatment 3B certifications. In addition to managing the business, Cory oversees the development and management of all field technicians.

Currently, his responsibilities include overseeing and measuring the company’s performance, providing proper resources for success, building an everlasting culture, and making good decisions.

• Make decisions and solve problems
• Obtain and process information
• Plan, organize and prioritize work
• Analyze quantitative data

Professionally skilled in environmental awareness, construction, water treatment, government, and emergency management.

Office Manager 

Suzie Freeman joined USA in June of 2008. She coordinates and maintains all client files including pre-project correspondence and Final Report preparation and submission. She acts as liaison between management and field staff and provides office support for all aspects of the Leak Detection program.