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Military Services 

With rising water rates, depleted sources and consumer awareness at an all time high, water leak detection has become the cornerstone of every conservation program. Water leak detection is an inexpensive, cost-effective solution in meeting federal conservation mandates.


Equipped for worldwide mobilization, government and military facilities around the world rely on Utility Services, with their highly trained staff with decades of experience, to provide our services on a preventative (pro-active) or emergency basis (earthquake recovery).


USA travels the globe to bring conservation services and technology to clients interested in preserving our most precious resource, water. We work with a clients in a variety of roles in water distribution and transmission. Some of our clients have come from the following sectors:

  • Military bases

  • Sensitive government installations

  • National Park Service

  • US Forrest Service

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • University campuses

  • Power plants

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