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In-House Leak Detection Training

We provide in-house leak detection training


We provide presentations and leak detection training classes at trade shows and for water utilities and associations across the country.


USA has developed and maintains Procedures and Methods that are used as a guide line throughout the industry. Our employees are of the highest caliber, most completely trained technicians in the industry. Our qualifications and experience enable us to provide the best training for the formation of an in-house water loss and revenue recovery program.


  • Annual Update Training / Field Survey Work

  • Customized Forms

  • Customized Database

  • Customized Procedural Manual

  • Leak Detection Tracking System

  • Consulting on additional techniques including meter-sizing, pressure / flow surveys, pressure management options, etc.

  • Technical Support

  • General Water Loss Consulting to provide ideas to improve your program and assure it runs efficiently


An In-house program succeeds or fails on the strength and dedication of the participants. A successful program consists of a management team who are dedicated to providing the resources and training necessary to ensure their personnel are motivated, staff that are qualified, educated, and enthusiastic about learning new techniques for water loss and revenue recovery, and qualified instructors who can provide the training and technical support needed. The USA in-house training programs become a platform to bring all that together.


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